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Essential Auto Transport Tips for a Secure Vehicle Move

Ensure a smooth and secure auto transport experience with these essential tips. Share this guide with others or refer back whenever you're shipping a vehicle.


Avoid Upfront Deposits:

Never pay deposits before a carrier is assigned to pick up your vehicle. Beware of companies demanding early payments. Always use a major credit card for deposits. If they don't accept them, consider it a red flag.

Hold Off on Signing Contracts:

Wait until a carrier is assigned before signing any contracts. Some companies might try to bind you with cancellation fees. At Universal, we believe in flexibility - you can cancel for free until a driver is assigned.

Document with Photos:

Capture clear photos of your vehicle from all angles, ensuring their date is stamped. This can be invaluable in the rare event of damages.

Beware of Misleading Sales Pitches:

If you hear, "We have a vehicle in your area," take it with a grain of salt. Until your order hits the National Load Board, brokers can't pinpoint truck locations. Demand carrier and driver details for verification.

Remove Accessories:

Detach items like your EZ-Pass to prevent unintended toll charges. Reimbursements can be a hassle you'd rather avoid.

Limit Personal Items:

Keep personal belongings in your vehicle under 100lbs and restricted to the trunk/cargo area, ensuring they're below window lines. If you have more items, reach out to your sales coordinator.

Stay Communicative:

Carriers typically call a day in advance or on the day of booking. Ensure we can reach you or provide a backup contact for seamless coordination.

Be Wary of 'Guaranteed' Pickup Dates:

It's nearly impossible for brokers to pinpoint exact pickup dates. A typical pickup window spans 1-3 business days from your provided start date. Remember, while some carriers operate over weekends, many don't.

Plan Ahead:

To align with your preferred shipping timeframe, try to schedule your order a week in advance. And since we don't demand money upfront, feel free to book even months ahead if that suits you.

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