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Dispatch Service

Gross Generated Per Week

1 Car Hauler

1 Car Hauler

Up to $7500

Per Week
2 Car Hauler

2 Car Hauler

Up to $8500

Per Week
3 Car Hauler

3 Car Hauler

Up to $11500

Per Week
5 Car Hauler

5 Car Hauler

Up to $13500

Per Week
7 Car Hauler

7 Car Hauler

Up to $15500

Per Week
9 Car Hauler

9 Car Hauler

Up to $17500

Per Week

Car hauling

dispatch service

With our specialized car-hauling dispatch service, maximize your profits while freeing up valuable time to expand your business.

Fleet Size

Determine the cost of our auto transport dispatch service tailored to your fleet size.

From Gross 9%

Need instant cash for your business?

Factoring from as low as 3%

Get Your Dispatch Service Offer Now!

Send Weekly Analytics

Negotiate better rates

Route planning & optimizing

Load search

24/7 Support

Calculate driver's hours

Billing & Invoicing

Dedicated Dispachers

Set-up packets



Looking to enhance your car hauling operations? Choose Universal Transit. As a leading partner to a diverse range of businesses across the US, we specialize in optimizing car transport ventures.

Discover our tailored packages, featuring top-tier load search capabilities, competitive pricing, and industry-certified auto transport dispatchers.


Loads Search

Our extensive network spread across US brings us endless options for you. Our load board comprises an array of lanes and load options for you to choose.

Negotiate Load Rates

We have been in this industry for almost one decade. Our team is well-equipped with the negotiation skills to finalize the best prices for the loads.

Calculate Driver’s Hours

We aspire to maintain transparency with our parents and clients. Our professionals keep an eye on ELDs to efficiently record the driver’s hours.

Route Planning & Optimizing

Our extensive network spread across US brings us endless options for you. Our load board comprises an array of lanes and load options for you to choose.

Documentation Checks

We know what checks need to be processed before proceeding with the shipment. From checking the credits to finalizing the insurance certificates, we handle it all.


Our mechanism ensures that all the ins and outs of driver’s activity are kept under supervision. We properly keep track of the downtime of drivers.

Processing Payments

Each load that is processed under our supervision is backed with 100% payment guarantee. We keep sending due invoices and keep tracking their status.


We believe that businesses must have a clear picture of their performance. We ensure this by providing you with monthly analytics comprising your mileage and RPMs.

Auto Transport Dispatch Services

Over the past decade, we've dispatched countless vehicles, with our clients covering thousands of miles across the US. Trust in Universal Transit, a reliable auto transport dispatch company with an impeccable track record in the US.

Whether it's top-notch luxury vehicles or bulk car shipments, we've handled them all. Reach out to us today for seamless auto transport dispatch services, allowing you to focus on your relocation with complete peace of mind.

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Universal Transit is a leader in the auto transport industry, offering a seamless online booking experience for car shipping services. Customers can easily place orders to ship their cars and receive deliveries right at their doorstep. Leveraging cutting-edge technology in auto transport, we prioritize customer convenience and ensure efficient car shipping service delivery.

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