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Universal Transit works only with high-quality car haulers with a relentless drive to deliver vehicles throughout USA. Our technology helps you find loads and fill your trucks fast so you can get back to business.


Meet the better load board
you deserve

Find high-paying, risk free loads online anytime

Book the loads you want and negotiate rates online!

Early access to loads with instantly online booking

Automatic route match and easy trip optimization

Real-time payment notifications and updates

Real time Tracking and updates

Transportation Management System that matches your business needs

Scaling dispatching and carriers operations trough AI automation in one place.

e-BOL - Electronic Bill of Lading

e-POD - Electronic Proof of Delivery

e-DOC - Electronic Signature

e-PAY - Electronic Payment

e-Report - Electronic Automated Reports

Automated Workflow for Invoicing and Payments

QuickBooks Integration

Automatic load weight calculator

Dedicated Support

Manage and Monitor Trucks and
Drivers in one place

lnspection reminder
registration reminder
maintainance reminder
driver and truck assignment
fuel efficiency calculator
truck and driver onboarding

How it works

Browse, bid, book and Ship with just a few clicks From anywhere to everywhere.



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Universal Transit is a leader in the auto transport industry, offering a seamless online booking experience for car shipping services. Customers can easily place orders to ship their cars and receive deliveries right at their doorstep. Leveraging cutting-edge technology in auto transport, we prioritize customer convenience and ensure efficient car shipping service delivery.

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